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The Space

Est. 2020
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Micro Venue noun [mikro ven-yoo]

A small space

What we are


Brick & Mortar Studio & Venue is a micro creative space.

We are located on historic Water Street District in Henderson, Nv.

We work with a community of artists, bakers and culinary chefs that work side-by-side with the students creating in a friendly, comfortable upscale environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth.

The space is used for classes, workshops, crops and crafting. We offer no experience, beginner, artist led in-person classes and workshops along with hosting live stream classes for artists and designers outside of the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

We host themed crafting nights, scrapbooking socials, craft a longs, movie screenings and more! We offer a bespoke selection of art and design specialties that will curate and deliver the perfect creative experience for you, your friends, family or clients. Studio space rental for educational programs and content making are also available upon request.

We believe that everyone has an artist inside them looking to express himself and we want to help you find your artistic voice. Each and everyone of our artists has experience in the studio and in the classroom, meaning... you get not only teachers with great art techniques, but also great teaching technique too.


Coming into our studio is a refreshing atmosphere for fun, relaxing or just to hang out and meet new people!

We're the hidden gem for creativity.

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Vintage Retail


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Great place for parties and events!  I love having a place to go where i can spend time with friends.


I love the classes and workshops that are hosted here. There's so many unique things to be a part of.


The theme and design is beautiful! Angela is so creative and responsive. Working with her is a no-brainer.


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